Welcome to Horoeka House

Horoeka House is a New Zealand online retailer of affordable art and craft supplies, located in Tauranga, in the sunny Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. The founder of Horoeka House, Anne Needham began selling online in 2012 under the Trade Me user name Anne59, as well as a number of other New Zealand online selling platforms.  In 2014, Horokea House became a registered New Zealand Company and has continued to expand selling within New Zealand and the United States.

The Horoeka House team is dedicated to providing personalized customer service with a smile. They are constantly working on ways to improve their service and product lines and welcome all feedback and suggestions. All the products listed on this website are stocked within New Zealand and will be shipped within two working days after receipt of payment.

Horoeka House’s name is derived from the New Zealand native Horoeka tree, Pseudopanax crassifolius, or Lancewood. The Horoeka tree has two very different life stages. As a young plant its thin spindle trunk is protected by jagged saw-tooth leaves. These unusual leaves are said to have evolved to protect the young plants from grazing Moa, which is an extinct colossal sized flightless gazing bird unique to Aotearoa. As the Horoeka tree matures past the grazing height of Moa, it begins to grow branches and eventually transforms into a forest giant.


Lance wood (''Pseudopanax crassifolius'') in native bush in the Owen River valley, South Island, New Zealand

Young Horoeka Tree


Mature Horoeka Tree